What is Keto?

A ketogenic diet is a high-fat, moderate-protein, and low-carb diet that works wonderfully for weight loss and other health benefits. 

Your body must first use all of the energy you take in through the form of carbohydrates before it starts to break down your stored fat for fuel. Through strict limitation of carbs, your body kicks into fat-burning mode (ketosis) and not only burns the fat you consume in food each day, but it also breaks down your stored fat, which results in weight loss! 

You might be thinking, “This is impossible! I can’t live without bread and sweets!” First, one of the most amazing things about ketosis is that cravings VANISH and appetite is suppressed! After 2 weeks, you won’t be missing your old favorite foods! Second, life is boring without treats, and fortunately there is a low-carb substitute for almost everything! Don’t let those fears stop you from giving this a try!

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