About Me

Welcome, and thanks so much for checking out The Keto Fit! My name is Jess Reid, and after losing 50 lbs. on a ketogenic diet, I’ve maintained my weight loss with a low carb lifestyle (including during pregnancy and post partum) since 2013! 

After struggling my entire life with my weight, but particularly after reaching my peak weight after a long season of depression, I decided to try a low carb diet. I planned it to be a short term solution, but once I felt the FREEDOM from food compulsion, increased energy, clearer thoughts, eliminated digestive issues, and more, I knew that even once I reached my goal weight I would want to make it a forever lifestyle. 

I have 12+ years of experience and education in counseling and coaching. I would love to come alongside of you and help you find freedom and better health with an easy and enjoyable keto way of eating! 

At my highest weight:

At my goal weight:

While pregnant:

Me today (a nursing mom):